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Consular Section:




The Consular Section provides many services for Pakistani citizens and visas for those wishing to travel to Pakistan.

Countries served by the Consular office are

Sweden Finland

Note: Estonian and Latvian Visa applicants may contact the Embassy of Pakistan in Warsaw, Poland.

Timings and Address:.
Visa section  is open from Monday - Friday:
Visiting hours are  09.00 - 11.30  Hrs.

Consular section is conveniently located at:

Karlavagen 65, 1st Floor
Tel:        +46-8-20 33 00
Fax:       +46-8-24 92 33
Email: consular@pakistanembassy.se

Consular applications are preferably sent through the post. This is specially recommended for those applying from outside Stockholm. Follow up such applications with email and telephone enquiry, if necessary. In most cases, applications received through post with completed formalities in all respects are returned without delay and, usually, without the need for personal contact with the Embassy. This is specially beneficial to those who find it difficult to visit the Embassy, personally.

Telephone enquires about any important matters concerning consular cases are usually entertained ONLY between 14.00 to 17.00 hrs.

For a speedy confirmation of the status of your visa/passport application or any other questions, please Email us on the address given below: the Consular section is prompt in replying
to such queries.


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Application Forms, procedural requirements and information:

Information and application forms  for Visa and Passport are provided on-line for your convenience (in both HTML and adobe PDF formats *). Submit duly filled forms with required formalities to the Embassy either in person or by post.


Machine Readable Passport (MRP) Section at Embassy of Pakistan, Stockholm is accepting applications



Fresh passport

Amendments in an existing passport


Requirements for newly born babies


Renunciation of Pakistani Citizenship:


Important Notice: Visa applicants travelling with Third Country passports may have their visa application referred to Pakistan. This means a waiting period of around 3 months. They are, therefore, requested NOT to purchase their flight ticket before their visa has been approved.
Kindly note that the only visa application form to be used is the one given on this website.


Visa Requirements

Visit Visa:

Business Visa
Journalists Visa
Work Visa

Visa Application Form      

No objection certificate
(For children under 18 years) Form    


Special Cards:



* Click  to download Adobe Acrobat Reader, required for printing/viewing forms in PDF format.





































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