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  1. One Visa Application Form duly filled in.
  2. Passport (should be valid for at least six months).
  3. Copy of the Person Bevis  of the applicant (For Swedish Nationals only).
  4. Two passport size photographs.
  5. No Objection Certificate from the parents for Minor child/children (below 18) with copy of their Identification.
  6. Finnish passport holders or other countries' passport holders resident in Sweden, having their children endorsed on the same passport, should send two photographs each of the children, as well.   
  7. Single entry visa fee for Swedish nationals is SEK 260; for Finish nationals SEK 270; for Estonian and Latvian nationals SEK 590. For double entry, double amount must be paid.
  8. The processing time for visa is 2 working days.


      Established businessmen from Sweden and Finland are allowed to avail Visa On Arrival (VOA) facility on all international airports in Pakistan, with effect from 1 February 2005. For more details please visit Business visa.

Please note

Those Pakistani origin applicants who intend to stay for longer periods during their visits to Pakistan, are advised to instead apply for the NICOP/POC Card


  • Visa fee must be deposited before applying for visa.
  • Make sure to bring the Bankgiro receipt with you while coming to the Embassy.
  • The deposit slip must be attached to the application form before sending it through post, otherwise the case would be kept pending.

  • Consular Fee is not accepted in cash at the Consular desk of the Embassy.

  • Consular Fee can be deposited in Embassy’s SEB Account no 5277 10 109 68 or Facility for making payment by Credit/Debit Card is Now available at the Embassy.

  • Payments through internet are not accepted in urgent cases.

  • Full name of the applicant must be written clearly on the Bank slips. This is important to confirm that you have deposited the consular fee.

  • Cash is also not accepted through post. Envelops containing cash are returned without consideration.

  • Embassy's IBAN no is: SE80 5000 0000 0527 7101 0968. Swift Address of SEB is: ESSESESS

  • Applicants from outside Sweden while making payment of the consular fee through  a bank, MUST ADD  60 SEK TO THE TOTAL FEE ON ACCOUNT OF BANK TRANSFER CHARGES, which is ultimately paid by the Embassy to the concerned Bank. Such cases, where the Bank Transfer Charges are not paid by the applicant to the Embassy, would be kept pending.

  • Visa fee is non-refundable.

Please note

  • No complaints would be entertained in case the applicant has submitted incomplete visa forms. Therefore full care should be taken while filling the visa form.

  • Applications sent through post should contain a self-addressed return envelope (SEK:77 postage stamps) duly paid for registered mail.

  • Applicants from outside Sweden should send a self addressed return envelope along-with 12  international postal coupons (Pl check with your post office)

  • All registered mail in this connection should be sent to Embassy's post box address: EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN
    Box  5872, 102 40, STOCKHOLM. This will help us take a prompt action on your application.

  • In case the requisite formalities have not been fulfilled, applicant will be responsible for any delay in processing of the visa application.
  • Embassy will not be responsible for any delay due to intervening weekends or holidays.
  • If all the above mentioned requirements are completed, processing of the visa application requires five to six (5-6) working days, with normal fee. Visa is issued within 48 hours on payment of urgent fee.
  • For further information please see Consular Fees .
  • Telephone enquries about any important matter concerning visa cases are entertained only between 1430 to 1700 hrs. For a speedy confirmation of the status of your visa application or any other questions, please Email us on consular@pakistanembassy.se




Last updated: 26 March 2013